Monster High (Anime) ENGLISH SUB Episode 1

IMPORTANT NOTE: I am NOT fluent in Japanese, I just used knowledge from 4-5 years of casual learning (of the actual language, not just watching anime) as well as good ol’ Denshi Jisho. That…

48 thoughts on “Monster High (Anime) ENGLISH SUB Episode 1

  1. Lil Cat Of Nekosong

    The animation is kinda choppy for anime, but I like how they actually feel like monsters rather than just making them unable to shut up about pop culture for five seconds (Don't get the wrong idea, I like both versions)

  2. GabbyComito FunLand

    Wait. When you say you use "Denshi Jisho", what website are you talking about? I keep trying to search for it, but it I can't get what you're talking about. Is it something you install?

  3. Artistically

    I like anime and all, but compared to the American version of Monster High this basically just turned MH into a generic, cutesy anime with generic high pitched voice acting. In fact, the only voice I agree with is Draculara. I actually appreciated the different accents of the characters in the original, it added more diverse acting to it and it fitted their characters. Also, while I like their remake of the song the laughing part was really bad compared to the original and overall the voices again were too high. Lastly, while the animation is nice it is a bit stiff in some areas, especially during the opening sequence. I don't really care for the art style, because all of the characters literally look the same in the face. This whole thing just took the uniqueness out of the original characters and their voices and turned it into a generic anime.

  4. Swan Arima

    i loove anime and i looove monster high but when you but them together its just bad my eyes are slowly being murdered. i mean its cute and everything but its just like no

  5. Blind Justice-404

    I notice at least one mistake in the translation: When the subs say Frankie used to live far away, she's actually saying she was just born 15 days ago, so she doesn't know much of anything.

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