Hunter x Hunter Series (1999) anime opening

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45 thoughts on “Hunter x Hunter Series (1999) anime opening

  1. Spencer Whiteway

    People just can’t seem to decide which series is they like more. Well, the 2011 version is far more faithful to the manga, and will probably tell the full story of the manga, as I’m sure Mad House plans to make seasons until the manga is finished.
    But is that always for the best?

  2. SRti 0

    I like the song of this opening better than 2011 to be honest, but that's probably because my ears have been scarred after listening to Departure 148 times without skipping it even once.

  3. EJ Mubarak

    I see most people hate the 2011 hxh opening, but I prefer it to this one. I guess after hearing it over and over again, the song kinda grew on me.

  4. Siri Dow

    I'm listening to this and remembering watching this when I was like in 1st grade around 5 years ago and the nostalgia is real. This right here is what I refer to as my childhood. I LOVED this so much. I'm a hard core Otaku now and I look back and realise that I always loved this WAY more then any other cartoon or show I watched.

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