How to Draw a Cube

Guest   February 13, 2018   37 Comments on How to Draw a Cube

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37 thoughts on “How to Draw a Cube

  1. Absurdi TV

    I love how every drawing tutorial is exactly the same. No explanations of anything just someone drawing the thing.
    Imagine a tutorial on how to drive a car and the person just shows you footage of themselves driving around with some stock song playing over it. Or if there was a cooking tutorial and it was just the person cooking, sped up, with stock music.
    Every how to draw tutorial fucking sucks

  2. Oľga Ovsepian

    Таже балда с тенями, что и в целиндре. Он, наверное, показывает как НЕ надо рисовать, т.е. ошибки начинающих. Зачем только видео об этом снимать , да ещё и выкладывать на весь свет? Пиар со знаком "МИНУС"

  3. Gfvc Vghg

    ولله حلو الي يرسم مكه والمدينه و الطبيعه يكسب اجر😊😇 كبير والله يحبه مو حلو الي يرسم ارواح ولله حرااام😟

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