How To Draw – The 1975

How To Draw Target bonus track by the 1975 – enjoy!

41 thoughts on “How To Draw – The 1975

  1. Ryan Lovett

    This song slows down time. No matter what's going on in the world, this beautiful tranquil song helps me think straight. I'm at peace listening to this.

  2. lilybee

    listening to this song on full blast, surround sound and everything, in my room gives me an almost out of body experience. some sort of high-feeling. i am so thankful for them and their music.

  3. jdog167

    I thought at the end he says "What if you die with all of the Colours ?" But other people and websites say that it's Cameras, not colours.

  4. menswear

    this is so beautiful and peaceful. something i wouldn't expect to hear from the 1975. i love it so much. it, for some reason, reminds me of how much this band means to me and how far they've come.

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