My Reactions to Fate/Apocrypha Episode 22: THE BEST ANIME EPISODE IN A LONG TIME!

This is hands down not only one of the best episode of the series, not just the best episode in Fate, but one one the best episodes in anime in a long time.

25 thoughts on “My Reactions to Fate/Apocrypha Episode 22: THE BEST ANIME EPISODE IN A LONG TIME!

  1. Ken Reyes

    To put into perspective how utterly OP Karna was, Akhilleus Kosmos creates an entire artificial world and uses it as a shield to block the incoming attack; normally requiring an Anti-World NP to break through (you know, something like ENUMA ELISH).

    Karna manages to blast through both a command spell enhanced Balmung AND Akhilleus Kosmos despite being an Anti-Divinity NP and having no special compatibility advantage.

    The best part? This isn't Karna's strongest NP. His strongest NP is only available to his Archer class, which is Vijaya, the bow of the Hindu God of Destruction.

  2. Ron2Millionare

    The light novel version of Achilles and Atalanta's battle had two Achilles flashbacks that the anime didn't include.

    In the first, back when Atalanta was a member of Jason and the Argonauts, the only members who didn't look down on her for being a woman were Meleager, who was in love with her, and Achilles' father Peleus, who thought she was cool for being such a tough fighter. Years later, Peleus had Achilles, and when he was a little boy, Peleus told him stories about Atalanta. Achilles grew up admiring her and eventually had a crush on her based on her description.

    In the second, during the Trojan War, Achilles fought the Amazon Queen Penthesilea (who by the way, shows up in Fate/Grand Order, even though Achilles hasn't yet) and mortally wounded her. He immediately regretted it because she was so beautiful. Incredibly insulted that he only acknowledged her beauty and not her strength, she used her dying breaths to curse him. She promised that one day, he would use the same spear he killed her with to kill someone he loved. Achilles died in the Trojan War without having done that, so he assumed he beat the curse. When he killed Atalanta, he realized the curse finally came true and cried.

  3. Matt Fortress

    Yeah. Prefer the way you look at it. I do too most of the time.. people whine ¨the cup is half empty¨ some say ¨at least there's half a cup¨ and I go ¨oh nice. half a cup of content to enjoy¨ people almost seem to be looking for reasons to be mad and disappointed these days.

  4. Asher Tse

    The shield is not reality marble but the spear is. This shield is the memory and conclusion, to summarize the short legendary life of Achilles. You can fine Chiron, Hector and Queen of Amazones in the flashback. "World" is the only thing that Vasavi Shakti cannot destroy, you can see everything inside Achilles Cosmo were wiped out which mean Vasavi Shakti can destroy the whole accent Greek with Gods, phantasm creatures and heroes.

    In addition, in Japan and some place else like Taiwan, some people see this episode is shit because the animation and illustration are worst of all fate animes.

  5. Wildwolface77

    Apparently, the shield that was used by Astolfo – borrowed from Achilles, I might add – is called "Akhilles Cosmos." It is a shield that creates a Psuedo-Reality Marble that manifests itself in reality, replicating ancient Greece and recreating epic moments in Achilles' life – which is perfect for countering Karna's Vasaki Shakti since the latter is capable of destroying entire portions of the world, if left unchecked…! That's why a shocked Karna said these words when it happened: "That's… another world."

    Seriously, that fight (along with all other fights in here) made this episode incredible – just like last week's episode fight, by the way. And it's not over yet since there are 2 more episodes to go! Looking forward to see what William Shakesphere can do next week…! 😉

    P.S. – Maybe 3 more episodes left if there's an epilogue, too…? Hmm….. =/

    I guess we'll see what happensin the next few weeks…. ^^

  6. GIPSY

    I wasnt sure if I was watching Fate Apocrypha or Kill la Kill,. from a continuity perspective I was confused, but from an artistic perspective It was cool to watch. (at least looked better than some bits from the battle with the Adam Golem.

  7. Tertium

    Yea…anyone with a tragic life cant fight against shakespear. Remember frankenstein? Took a damn command spell to stabilize her. Now imagine how jeanne was betrayed, tortured, brutally raped and burned at the stake, not to mention the battlefields she's be through. She would be fuuuuuuucked and caster would probly say: what a great tragedy let me help you remember it!

  8. Curtis I

    The animation is horrible, should have spent time to low budget those episodes building up to this episode. If it was better in animation it would have redeemed everything

  9. kailen gray

    A1 tried to make up for its poor animation with a long, colorful battle with tons of annoying sound effect. The animation is not even above average. Poor voicing too. Hope the BD version will be better.

  10. Ron2Millionare

    Atalanta's transformation is probably based on how in her final myth, she got turned into a lion for offending Apphrodite. I'm not sure why it was activated with the skin of the Calydonian Boar, since she hunted it early in her career.
    Earlier in the series, Shakespeare asked Achilles and Atalanta if they would like him to write a love story in their honor. Achilles said yes and Atalanta said no. Shakespeare shrugged and said he would write a romantic tragedy instead. Looks like it came true. :[

  11. Miko Ken

    out of all servants, William is like literally the one that ruler shouldn't face. he's by far is the most dangerous opponent for her because of reasons.

  12. panda in a bambo

    Karna is basically fighting six servants right know Fran power which gives unlimited mana to seig , Jeanne by giving extra command spells to seig astolfo , Chiron for getting Achilles to help and Achilles . But still karna destroy ed Achilles kosmos and seig needed plot armour to kill him

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